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Our History

Art Crane Alinment, founded by Arthur Vance Crane in the late 1950s, set the standard for quality suspension and brake repair. Patrons came from all over southeast Michigan for the legendary wheel alignment service.

Crane Alinement was incorporated in 1985, when David Milton Crane purchased the business from his Uncle Art, whom he had worked for from the beginning.

Dave retired in 2012, passing the wrench to his son James David Crane. Jim has been working since 1979.

Our Philosophy

When Art Crane started doing wheel alignments, he was one of a very few. Today there are wheel alignment "experts" everywhere, just ask them...and while some shops try to dazzle you with their laser beams, flashing lights, and computer print-outs, we will continue to concern ourselves with providing the service you have come to expect from us for ovoer 50 years.

Honesty: We will not try to sell you something you do not need. We will tell you the truth about your vehicle.
Integrity: We will do our best to perform the necessary repairs to your vehicle on time and on budget.
Value: You get what you pay for. Value is determined by comparing quality with cost, not by cost alone.




Best alignment place in the city, hands down.


BBB Accredited Business
ASE - Automotive Service Excellence
Small Business Association of Michigan
AutoValue Certified Service Center
Monroe Shocks & Struts
MOOG Chassis Parts
Car Care Aware